Ken Howie

Originally from Belfield, ND, Photographer/Videographer Ken Howie is working on "Hardship to Freedom" in partnership with the Ukrainian Cultural Institute (UCI) in Dickinson.  After honing his skills in New York, Ken worked for 15 years in his studio in Phoenix, AZ. Today, Mr. Howie is back in North Dakota, continuing his career in commercial photography and documentary filmmaking in his home state.  

Agnes Palanuk

Through tours to Ukraine and connecting with the ancestral villages, Agnes Palanuk completed the cycle of learning the history of North Dakota's Ukrainians. In 1979, she served as co-editor of "Echoing Trails : Billings County History" which earned the county first place in local history publication. She also served as founder of the North Dakota Ukrainian Cultural Institute and was awarded the Governor's Award for the Arts. Ms. Palanuk remains passionate about sharing the culture of the Ukrainian people, and the stories of the pioneers, with current and future generations.  She continues to serve on the board of the UCI today.

There is no branch of literature of more interest to the general reader than history and no greater legacy that we can leave our children than a knowledge of their heritage.
— Lucille Morris Swenson